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If you are already a certified diver and want to discover the most interesting dive sites in Mallorca, located in the marine reserves of Dragonera and its surroundings, El Toro and Las Malgrats, get on our boat.

Our boat is located next to the dive center and designed to make you feel comfortable during the journey to the dive site and back to school. It is the only Trimaran dedicated to diving on the whole island, which means that it is much more stable and has more space to move easily.

Enjoy our human team ready to help at all times and our facilities designed to make your dive an easy experience to remember.
Adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Marine reserves are protection figures through which the uses and exploitation of the marine environment are regulated, with the aim of increasing the natural regeneration of resources and conserving the most representative marine ecosystems.

The underwater landscapes of sa Dragonera are an example of those that can be seen on the coast of Mallorca, where the Posidonia oceanica meadows stand out, widely spread to the south, which act as areas of great biological production and repopulation of fingerlings of species of interest to us, the divers.

The marine area of ​​the Isla del Toro and the Malgrats Islands (Calvià, Mallorca) have a high ecological value due to the diversity of habitats, benthic communities and fish that can be found, a fact that the study carried out by the ” Societat d’Història Natural de les Balears” in 1994. The meadows of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica occupy large areas and many species of fish congregate on their rocky seabeds.

The great bathymetric gradient of these areas and their situation make it an exceptional place to find migratory pelagic species. Its declaration as a reserve makes the populations of those species such as groupers, croakers, dentex, barracuda, sunfish, triggerfish, amberjack, the occasional tuna and many more species easy to observe in their natural habitat.